The Wedding Day Royale

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The Matrimonial Royale Double is the largest double shield we offer, and is a very popular wedding and anniversary gift. Our heraldic artists hand paint two family coat of arms and mottos onto polished copper plates before mounting the finished pieces onto a choice of mahogany or oak wooden base.

Please allow 5 – 7 weeks for our Hand Painted products to be delivered.


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We’ve been making heraldic products for over 60 years in Ireland. Our researchers can trace 96% of all known names requested, including those of Irish, British and European origin. Once payment is made a researcher will contact you with information about your family coat of arms and motto, after-which one of our artists will hand paint the final piece. In the highly unlikely event of us not having your surname on file we will issue you an immediate refund.

Our Matrimonial Royale Double shield are 14” x 16” in size and are made with an inverted bracket suitable for wall hanging.

We have shipped thousands of shields worldwide over the past 60 years, all of which are now proudly displayed in our many satisfied customers’ homes and workplaces!

We also offer a ‘United in Marriage’ brass inscription plate which is a popular accompaniment with our double shields. It can feature the date of the couples wedding or anniversary or can be custom made and feature your own personal message which must be limited to 80 characters.

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 0.625 × 16 in

Copper, Gloss Paint, Mahagany Wood

Base Type

Mahogany, Oak

Shipping & Delivery
- We mail our Hand Painted Heraldic Shields Worldwide.
- Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for your Hand Crafted Heraldic products to be delivered.